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Sylas, Part 2

A week ago, I got to hang out with the (then) week old Sylas. Andrea, Jason and Bailey were there, too :). I don’t have to tell you how much the Garbers love Disney, so we began the day with throwback photos to their UP inspired photoshooot.

sylas home010

sylas home032

sylas home064

Before Sylas was born, the Garbers bought this grape soda badge on their Disney vacation. He’s a little Carl Fredricksen.

sylas home557a

sylas home594

sylas home617

sylas home127

sylas home140

sylas home159

sylas home107bw

I know he’s screaming and crying, but I love this picture.

sylas home183

sylas home183crop

“Oh, hey.”

sylas home204

Sylas’ room is Monsters Inc./Monsters U themed, so it’s only fitting that he wears his Mike Wazowski hat!

sylas home214

sylas home240

sylas home255

sylas home271

sylas home301

sylas home313

sylas home328

Just in time for Easter, we have another throwback to Bailey’s Easter session, last year!

sylas home351

sylas home358

sylas home363

sylas home630

sylas home415

sylas home418

sylas home439

sylas home444

sylas home458

sylas home472

sylas home498bw

sylas home517Jason, Andrea, Bailey, and Sylas: You guys make up a pretty great family! Congratulations again! I’m so happy Sylas is happy and healthy and that his big sister loves him so much, already.

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