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The Gloecklers

I got the pleasure to photograph an old teaching colleague and her entire family last week. Meet the Gloecklers! (and the Fristiks) This family was non-stop fun. Every second was filled with jokes, laughing and strangely enough, a lot of face touching (not mine.)IMG_3503We met at Auburn Park, which I always forget exists and how pretty it is. Even though it was raining off and on, this family was all smiles and ready to work!


IMG_3533This is Geoff and Marcy with their adorable children, Haley and EllaIMG_3544Don’t let that cute smile fool you, this was actually very difficult to get out of her since she was so shy around me. In order to get Haley to smile, the ENTIRE family had to dance behind me and make her laugh.IMG_3566SO PRESH.
IMG_3596Giving me “sass.”IMG_3688Big sister pride.IMG_3661IMG_3630IMG_3621

mommy and daddy time.IMG_3931This is Adam and his girlfriend, Gray (looking good, btw.)IMG_3721IMG_3713This is the point when I realized the reason for the photos was because the session was actually a birthday present for grandma (Linda). Don and Linda are some of the coolest parents I’ve ever met. They are so happy, in love, funny and proud of their family. Did I mention I loved this shoot?

IMG_3813IMG_3902IMG_3847IMG_3859Molly and Joe. Molly was on my teaching team back when she lived in Cincinnati. She is currently teaching 1st grade in Cleveland, where she moved far away with her husband. I miss you here!IMG_3750IMG_3754IMG_3791IMG_3995IMG_4094Linda and Adam.IMG_4089Linda and Molly.IMG_4031Linda and Adam.
IMG_4048Linda and GeoffIMG_4062The men.IMG_4261The ladies.IMG_4254Best buddies.IMG_4294IMG_4280IMG_4235IMG_4132To the Gloeckler Family: thank you so much for having me capture this time in your lives! Linda: I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I hope you enjoy these photos (and the ones still coming!)

Molly, it was great to see you and I’m glad I got to hang out with you and your family! Hope to see you all again sometime!

<3 Frimbot

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