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The Van Emans. And the Wheelers… And the Trents… And the Millers!

This is such a wonderful family. I have worked with a few members of this family before, but never at one time! (also note Maddie, I don’t think I have to explain how sassy she is.)

Getting all five kids to focus and cooperate was quite tough, but we got it! 

AAAAAAAND I had to include this gem. I was so happy I caught this!

This is Trey (looking all 80’s on us) and Maddie, who you may have seen before on

This is Julie (mama) and Charolette. Daddy was unable to make the session, but Maybe he can get some of these for a Father’s Day gift 😉

Here are the Wheelers, Betsy, Bob, Maddie and Trey.  Trey is a pro smiler.

These are the Trents! Meet Lori, Patrick, Gavin (oldest) and Wesely (youngest).

And finally, Steve and Marry Lou Van Eman with all their grandchildren!

Had to give my buddy Maddie a little spotlight. She knows she shines.

Trey nailing the smile.

… and the muscles

Hard working cousins.




This was a wonderfully fun session and I can’t wait to deliver the rest of your photos! Thanks so much for choosing frimbot for your photo memories!

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