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Suicide is a Drag, 2017

Last weekend marked the 6th Annual Suicide is a Drag event, which is meant to serve as a fund raiser for the Cincinnati branch of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, to help support advocacy, education, research, and support of suicide prevention. At this event, Drag Queens perform for donations, all given to AFSP. The event was previously held at The American Sign Museum, but was relocated to Northern Kentucky University, in order to invite a new audience, allowing for education and spreading awareness.

The 80’s theme event was hosted by Brooklyn Steele-Tate, who also chaired the event with Rusty Lockett. The event was also in connection with the ISQCCBE, NKU LGBTQ Services Office, and The Cincinnati Sisters.


Our welcome crew!

Our lovely hostess, Brooklyn.

Co-Chair members of the Cincinnati chapter, Heather Conroy and Rusty Lockett. Scottie Alan, starting off the performances for the night.

Tributes by guests who have lost someone to suicide.

Brooklyn is the queen of picking random people to come strip for money, and this time it happened to be a friend of mine, Alex!
His wife Rachel, only giving a dollar out of the three in her hand.. hmmm.

Having no idea this was coming, he did a pretty great job.

Ginger Snap <3.

Sir Steve Lickalotta Steele

Miss Drag You Out 2017, Harley Davison

Alexander Cameron (swoo0000n)

Mirelle Jane Divine.

Sarah Jessica Darker

Anita Dushay

First time in drag, and actual woman, Robin Dicks.

Courtney Dallas with her momma.

Rusty Lockett (appearing as Lustee Raw’ket) was surprised and told he would also be performing. 

The Cincinnati Sisters.

Our special tribute to Clark and Adam.

80’s theme costume contest!

Our winner.

Brooklyn closing the night!

Members of the Cincinnati chapter board.

I get in on the fun, when the show is all over.

and FINALLY, I get a photo with my wife (taken by Brooklyn).

Thanks for stopping by and checking out these photos! I’ve put a gallery of the remaining photos for you to see, also, feel free to ask for a high resolution version, free of charge. Thanks so much and I am so happy to be a part of these events.

<3 Frimbot


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  1. Courtney Dallas says:

    So much talent !! We love you!!

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