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The Talbotts

Last time I photographed the Talbotts it was Rick, Lindsay, Harper, and Reese. This time their family is a little bigger, a little bit cuter, and a lot sassier. With the addition of Nora, this shoot was all even sillier than I had anticipated. Love this family.

This is Harper. Harper is in kindergarten and she is SOOOOOO cute.

This is Reese. Reese is also in kindergarten and she is also SOOOOOO cute.

This is Nora. Nora 2 and she is the little sassy pants I was telling you about.

These 3 girls are hilarious and adorable.

Rick and Lindsay are all like “We are awkward and don’t take good photos.” Shush…. just… shush.

You guys are precious. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed the photos and hope to see you again soon!

<3 Frimbot

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