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The Wilsons

I met with Chelsea, Jake, and Jack to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their newest family member, Charlotte. The Autumn scenery and tone were a perfect fit for the day, especially Jack’s hair.

Jack is 4 years old, and he is very excited to meet his new baby sister!

Adorable little family is about to get bigger and busier!

These two have been super adorable together, ever since I met Jake on their wedding day.

My favorite.

While mommy and daddy had their private photo time, Jack got cold and I made him a Jedi with my hoodie.

This bridge is amazing and it was worth the hassle of dodging cars.

These little shoes are precious.

Digging the matching boys.

Beautiful mama!

Jake, Chelsea, and Jack:

You guys are simply adorable and I’m so happy for the little girl, on her way. Jack is a sweet little boy, so I should expect nothing less from Charlotte. I wish you best of luck and hope you take the time to enjoy this time!


<3 frimbot


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