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The Frimmings

You may know our twins (twinbots) but these are ANOTHER set of Frimming twins! Meet Noah and Liam. These two (and their mommy and daddy) picked a perfect day for photos. Set between a series of cold and rainy days, we lucked out with great weather! Good thing too, look at these faces.

I seriously love these glasses. For a period, we thought Penny was going to need glasses and looked to Liam for an idea of what she would have to wear. We love it. These kids are stinking adorable.

To me, Noan and Liam look very different, but you can totally tell they are brothers. While they are different, they are SO similar and both crazy! While it was a little difficult to get them to sit still, it was super easy to get adorable action pictures!

  The boys were a little unsure about the leaves, but once they got used to it…

..they were all in.

Meet Amy and Todd. These four are super adorable and planned their outfits very nicely. 😉

This kiss caught me by surprise, as much as it did Noah.

Todd, Amy, Noah, and Liam: Thanks so much for letting me work with you guys! It’s always great when I get to see you guys and it looks like we’ll be seeing you real soon! Your boys are adorable and hilarious and I had a great time! Hope you enjoy these photos!

<3 Frimbot

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