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The Hollands

The Hollands are expecting a new addition to their family! Believe it or not, two weeks ago we had pretty nice weather. We met at Fernbank to get some updated shots of the kids, get some family pictures, and (against her will) get some baby bump pics!!!

Mommy and Baylee were running a little behind, so daddy and Myles got their own private shoot.

Myles did such a great job posing. He only asked “why?” and “what are you doing?” after every other thing I said. Smart kid, always ask questions!

The boys.

Now, it’s the girls’ turn!

Absolutely love those eyes!

Baylee was a little shy at first, but quickly came around.

Myles was a good big brother and wanted to be in every shot with his little sister.

Baylee’s expression 🙂

On to the baby bump shots! You look so great, Amy!

James is an excellent “prop!” haha. But seriously, you guys look so cute!

These two sure can’t wait to meet their little brother or sister!!!!

This shoot was so much fun! Thanks for having me and I hope you enjoy!!! See you soon!!

<3 Frimbot

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