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Suicide is a Drag 2018

This past Friday night, I photographed the annual Suicide is a Drag, raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP.) In a just around two hours,  $14K  was raised for research education and advocacy! I am extremely proud to be a part of this event each year.

Brooklyn Steele-Tate does a wonderful job each year hosting this event every year.  Rusty Lockett co-chaired the event with the ISQCCBE.

The fabulous entertainment was provided by Alana Reign, Tyese Rainz, Anita Dushay, Harley Davidson, Alexander Cameron, Ginger Snap, Sir Stevelickalotta Steele, and Scottie Alan.

There are so many people to thank for this event each year and I’m sorry to not list you all. To everyone that came to the event, it could not happen without you and you have all made a difference.

Suicide is a very scary, sad, and real topic and it is the reason we came together this week. It felt so amazing to be in a room full of love and support. You are not alone.

<3 Frimbot

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