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Victoria and Tony

I met these two at this year’s Suicide is a Drag and photographed them in the photo booth, and I was very excited to hear they wanted me to capture their engagement photos! We met at Mount Storm and basically had an engagement session/tour of clifton.

Both of these shoes… I would wear. 😉

Look of pure love and happiness.

The perfect time of day.




We then went to the roof of a friend’s home, where Tony actually proposed to Victoria. Supposedly this is a killer spot for watching fireworks.

Victoria and Tony,

I wish you nothing but the best during your engagement. I hope all your wedding planning goes smoothly and that you slow down to enjoy this time. Cherish every moment together as you move forward your next step. These photos were a blast to take and I hope you enjoy them, along with the remaining yet to come!

<3 Frimbot

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