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The Smiths

The Smith twins are 9 months old, so it’s time for photos! After 2 rain outs, we finally made this session happen. This sweet family stuck it out and the wait was well worth it. During the duration of the cancellations, the leaves FINALLY began to beautifully change color and… well… resemble Autumn. We had a beautiful morning!  

Meet Megan, Charley, Cora, Shawn, and Silja. The sunrise was our friend. 

Aren’t these two just adorable?    

And then they had hats.       Silja was very shy about getting her portraits taken…I’m not sure why!

  “I hate getting my picture taken!”  Then I take photo and this appears. Yeah, right Silja!   You have such a sweet family and I hope the wait was worth it. You nailed these photos and I hope to see you all again in the future!

<3 frimbot

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