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Welcome to, the home of Frimbot.Photag.

Photograph taken by Adam Pace of loft(3)

My name is Brandon and I am the owner and photographer, also known as Frimbot.  Her name is Lindsey.  She is my partner, my rock, and my beautiful wife.  You may also know her as wifebot.

Without her, this site wouldn’t exist, nor would any of these pictures. I have always been into photography, but Lindsey was the reason I decided to pick up the camera again. So, thanks hun!


We have two beautiful chihuahuas: Pixie and Lulu. You’ll see them around the site as well. Pixie is the deer, Lulu is the cow.


I am here to help capture your memories, preserve the love and joy, and devote every ounce of energy I have to getting the perfect shots.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to be shooting for you soon!

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